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Our Courses

Most Popular Classes

We conduct lessons in small groups of 3 to 5 students with affordable fees so that teaching is customised. Advanced one-on-one lessons are also available at reasonable fees.

Vocal classes

Hindustani classical singing with intricacies of swar and taal. Various aspects of Ragas are taught as per structured syllabus.

1 hour lesson

from $20


Light-Singing classes

Light music singing like bollywood songs, ghazals, bhajans, garba, etc. Intricacies of pitch and rhythm are emphasised.

1 hour lesson

from $20

Tabla classes

Various aspects of Taal are taught as per structured syllabus. Focus is on technique of playing bols and layakari.

1 hour lesson

from $20

Sitar classes

Various aspects of Ragas are taught in peculiar string instrument style. Focus is on strokes, layakari, and finger techniques.

1 hour lesson

from $30

Who are we?

Anahat Music

We are the nurturer of Indian Classical Music as an integral part of our cultural heritage. We endure in spreading this knowledge to inquisitive students through our mastered methodology so that they can learn quickly and immerse in this wonderful art.



What our students say

Betsy Sojan
Classical Vocal

Yashashree is an incredible teacher. She's methodical in her approach and she customizes the lessons to your needs. Singing has been challenging but incredibly rewarding in so many ways. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who might be interested in Hindustani classical music.

Arati Deshpande

Awesome teaching. Everything is taught in depth.

Himathri Pravin

Teacher Yashashree has been very supportive in teaching my child in her learning pace. she also gradually introduces new concepts and encourages practice every day. This really helps them focus. Also learning to play a new song gives a sense of accomplishment. Thanks to Anahat Music for imparting Indian classical music to the next generation in a positive and encouraging way.

Vaishnavi Joshi

Yashashree is really talented and dedicated teacher. The passion she imparts in her students reflects in their learnings.